Version 0.8.1

2012, Mar 12:

  • Repaired wrong sign-up code

2012, Mar 08:

  • Added escaping of TODO list names and descriptions so JavaScript will not produce parsing errors

2012, Mar 05:

  • Changed JavaScript structure for better handling of Adding TODOs, changing TODO lists and Responsible party
  • Added automatic cleaning of rate-check table
  • BugFix: Reordering of TODOs sometimes caused disappearing of the whole order
  • BugFix: Right hand column was badly refreshed when adding new TODOs

2012, Feb 27:

  • BugFix: In periodic updater code
  • Added JavaScript redirect when incorrect authentication cookie detected
  • Changed ICO for reordering TODOs

2012, Feb 24:

  • Added full HTTPS support

2012, Feb 09:

  • Added order for Projects to speed up Database queries
  • Added project include into sign-up scripts
  • Optimization of update queries in Database through transactions
  • BugFix: Deleted users need to stay in Database and assigned to their ascent list for Database consistency
  • Optimized speed of loading TODOs from Database

2012, Jan 23:

  • Updated sign-up script not to cause so many problems

2012, Jan 18:

  • Added code for for catching bugs and reporting them back to Foliovision
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